Friday, April 28, 2006

2000, JOYCE

Joyce the princess..


Here's a happy bunch... wonder what was tickling them?


It was July 2005 when we all went to the shop to see David get his first haircut. It was sooooo long! Amy's practice is to wait until the boys were a year old at least and then get the first one.

Daddy sat with his little guy for the first time in the chair.

Snip! Snip!.. there it goes!

Around the ears...... snip!

Good bye curls!

He's looking like a boy now..

Thursday, April 27, 2006


In April 2005, I had vacation time and decided to make a trip to Valentines. Wendell's work schedule prohibited him from going along, but I took movies and some pictures. On my way home over Easter weekend, I spent the night with my friends Rick and Sandi in Maryland, and then left for home.

One of my favorite things is coloring eggs. I don't know why, maybe just because they look so pretty after? While I was there, the kids had fun doing just that.
Isaac choosing his colors.

Gayle had peaches at supper and they gave her a rosy glow..
She liked being a part of the fun.

Esther took her egg coloring seriously and made some really nice ones.

Essie wanted to show me a ship... interesting. Wonder what she did with the bottle?


February 2006. The Blair kids gathered at our house for a craft day.. My friend Sandi sent supplies, so we had lots to do. We decided to make gifts for the Valentine kids. A great day of fun!

Joyce is working on a box for Esther

While Paul made one for Isaac, and Daniel made his for Gaylie

Supplies everywhere!

David is too young yet to get into the action, so he and Grampa went outdoors.

What next ? Gramma?

Then we decided to make Valentine cookies

A plate for Uncle Charlie

The completed boxes

One for Isaac

One for Gaylie, of course!

And one for Esther

Next was choosing something to paint.. they chose birdhouses

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Christmas is always a fun time.. almost everyone smiles and enjoys the sounds, sights and smells.. My favorite thing was the cold shrimp cocktail... yummy!
We had the entire family here in our little home over Christmas this year..

Paul and Amy

Mandy and John

Joyce and David

Joyce and Cory..


Isaac was running a remote controlled car here.

Gaylie blue eyes

Wendell and I requested picture with all the grandkids. David refused to join us, so here we are with 6/7 ths of our kids.

Daniel posing with John


These photos are in no particular order.. just the whole family together at Christmastime.
The first one is Gaylie.. she reminds me so of Wendy at the same age.

This is the whole clan in one shot. Amazing we got everyone together in one room!

The next one is just the Valentines.

And Paul's family

Little Paul

and Me.

Keith and JJ



Gayle with a wastebasket on her head
and standing on a piece of styrofoam. Silly girl!

Esther in monkey PJ's



Wendy and Cory

The Blair kids

and the REAL family portrait!